Researching Multilingually

Series Editors:
Prue Holmes, Richard Fay and Jane Andrews
Consulting Editor:
Alison Phipps

The increasingly diverse character of many societies means that many researchers may now find themselves engaging with multilingual opportunities and complexities as they design, carry out and disseminate their research. This may be the case regardless of whether or not there is an explicit language and multilingual aspect to their research. This book series proposes to address the methodological, practical, ethical and other options and dilemmas that researchers face as they go about their research. How do they design their research methodology to account for multilingual possibilities and practices? How do they manage such linguistic complexities in the research domain? What are the implications for their research outcomes? Research methods training programmes only rarely address these questions and there is, as yet, only a limited literature available. This series proposes to establish a new track of theoretical, methodological, and ethical researcher praxis that researchers can draw upon in research(er) contexts where multiple languages are at play or might be purposefully used. In particular, the series proposes to offer critical and interpretive perspectives on research practices and endeavours in inter- and multi-disciplinary contexts and especially where languages, and the people speaking and using them, are under pressure, pain, and tension. 

All books in this series are externally peer-reviewed.

Proposals should be sent to Anna Roderick

You can also download a flyer for the series here.

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