Transnational Identities and Practices in English Language Teaching: Critical Inquiries from Diverse Practitioners

Edited by: Rashi Jain, Bedrettin Yazan, Suresh Canagarajah

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The self-inquiries in this edited volume exemplify the dynamism that permeates global ELT, wherein English language educators and teacher educators are increasingly operating across blurred national boundaries, creating new 'liminal' spaces, charting new trajectories, crafting new practices and pedagogies, constructing new identities, and reconceptualizing ELT contexts. This book captures the diverse voices of emerging and established ELT practitioners and scholars, originally from and/or operating in non-Western contexts, spanning not only the so-called non-Western 'peripheries', but also peripheries created within the 'center' when certain members are minoritized on the basis of their race, language, and/or place of origin. The chapters address a range of related issues occurring at the intersections of personal and professional identities, pedagogy and classroom interactions, as well as research and professional practices in liminal transnational spaces. 

I found this edited volume to be compelling not only in terms of its magical storytelling about the journeys of transnational scholars in ELT, but also its invitation to deeply learn and engage with cutting-edge theorization around transnationalism. This is a timely book that asks us to imagine different possibilities of a future where the trans- in ELT is at the center of the discipline.

Manka Varghese, University of Washington, USA

The diverse authors in this important collection provide convincing evidence of the mutually supportive relationship between practice, research, and theory in the field of language learning and teaching. By making visible the contribution of practitioners to transnational English language teaching, the authors democratize the production of knowledge and shift relations of power in the field. Highly compelling and long overdue!

Bonny Norton, University of British Columbia, Canada

This book offers a stunning collection of studies by transnational pracademics inquiring into their 'trans' identities and practices. After being deftly introduced and theorized, the personal stories, illustrating a range of innovative research methodologies, present accounts that are informative, interesting, sometimes touching, and very readable. Another outstanding contribution by these editors.

Gary Barkhuizen, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Rashi Jain is an associate professor in the Department of English Language for Academic Purposes, Linguistics and Communication Studies at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. Rashi has published her research in practitioner-oriented journals, including the TESOL Journal, contributed to edited volumes, and co-edited (with Bedrettin Yazan and Suresh Canagarajah) the recently published Autoethnographies in ELT Transnational Identities, Pedagogies, and Practices.

Bedrettin Yazan is Associate Professor of TESL Teacher Education/Applied Linguistics at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Bedrettin has an active research program and has published in Linguistics and Education, Language Teaching Research, TESOL Journal, World Englishes, and Critical Inquiry in Language Studies. He also co-edited (with Kristen Lindahl) the recently-published Language teacher identity in TESOL: Teacher education and practice as identity work.

Suresh Canagarajah is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English, Applied Linguistics, and Asian Studies, and Director of the Migration Studies Project at Pennsylvania State University. He teaches World Englishes, Second Language Writing, and Postcolonial Studies in the departments of English and Applied Linguistics. His recent edited publication, The Routledge Handbook of Language and Migration (2019), won the 2020 AAAL best book award.


Chapter 1. Rashi Jain, Bedrettin Yazan, and Suresh Canagarajah: An Invitation into the Transnational ELT Landscape of Practices             

Chapter 2. Sumyat Thu and Suhanthie Motha: Critical Transnational Agency: Enacting through Intersectionality and Transracialization

Chapter 3. Anastasiia Kryzhanivska and Lucinda Hunter: The Person in Personal Narrative: Two ESOL Instructors Teaching Away from Home         

Chapter 4. April S. Salerno and Elena Andrei : Dialoguing as Transnational Professional Mothers: Our Intersectional Identities as Transnationals, Parents and Language Teacher Educators   

Chapter 5. Tuba Angay-Crowder, Jayoung Choi and Gertrude Tinker Sachs: Three ELT Transnational Practitioners' Identities and Critical Praxis Through Teaching and Research       

Chapter 6. Christina Ponzio, Elizabeth Robinson, Laura M. Kennedy, Abraham Ceballos, Zhongfeng Tian, Elie Crief and Maíra Lins Prado: Unpacking Identities and Envisioning TESOL Practices through Translanguaging: A Collective Self-Study   

Chapter 7. Bita Bookman and Luciana C. de Oliveira: 'My transnational experiences shape who I am and what I do': Reflections of a Latina Transnational Teacher–Scholar     

Chapter 8. Sujin Kim: An Autoethnography of Trans-Perspective Development Through Translanguaging Research and Practice

Chapter 9. Martha Sidury Christiansen: Ni de aquí, ni de allá: How Technology has Changed the Way We See Transnationalism             

Chapter 10. Brooke R. Schreiber: Shifting Roles and Negotiating Returns in Transnational TESOL Research              

Chapter 11. Ahmad A. Alharthi: Globalized Writing Instruction: The Multilingual Composition Section as a Fluid Pedagogical Space

Chapter 12. Yi-Wen Huang: 'It's crazy that we are from very different countries, but we are similar': My Navajo Students' and my Co-Existing Translingual Identities

Chapter 13. Rasha S. Mohamed: The Inclusion of Culture and Shift Toward Translingualism in My TESOL Classes

Chapter 14. Kristof Savski: Negotiating Boundaries while becoming a TESOL Practitioner in Southern Thailand

Chapter 15. Ribut Wahyudi: A Transnational TEGCOM Practitioner's Multiple Subjectivities and Critical Classroom Negotiations in the Indonesian University Context


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