Tourism and Cultural Change Collection (Vols 16-30)

Edited by: Mike Robinson, Alison Phipps

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This series explores the complex and ever-changing relationships between tourism and culture(s). It focuses on the ways that places, peoples, pasts, and ways of life are increasingly shaped/transformed/created/packaged for touristic purposes. The series examines the ways tourism utilises/makes and re-makes cultural capital in its various guises and the multifarious political, economic, social and ethical issues that are raised as a consequence. This set includes volumes 16 to 30 of this series. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

TCC 16: Residential Tourism 978-1-84541-091-9
TCC 17: Rural Tourism Development 978-1-84541-100-8
TCC 18: Tourists and Travellers 978-1-84541-118-3
TCC 19: Tourism, Power and Culture 978-1-84541-125-1
TCC 20: Re-Investing Authenticity 978-1-84541-128-2
TCC 21: Beyond Backpacker Tourism 978-1-84541-131-2
TCC 22: Tourism in Japan 978-1-84541-134-3
TCC 23: Official Tourism Websites 978-1-84541-137-4
TCC 24: Coffee Culture, Destinations and Tourism 978-1-84541-143-5
TCC 25: Constructing Cultural Tourism 978-1-84541-155-8
TCC 26: Authenticating Ethnic Tourism 978-1-84541-158-9
TCC 27: Festival Places 978-1-84541-167-1
TCC 28: The British on Holiday 978-1-84541-183-1
TCC 29: Resorts and Ports 978-1-84541-198-5
TCC 30: Tourism and Australian Beach Cultures 978-1-84541-286-9

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