Situating Language Learning Strategy Use: Present Issues and Future Trends

Edited by: Zoe Gavriilidou, Lydia Mitits

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Multilingual Matters
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This book presents the latest research on the role of strategy use and development in second and foreign language teaching and learning. It comprises a wide selection of studies which cover topics such as strategic training of young EFL learners, promoting critical thinking through video gaming, language learning strategies for languages other than English, and the contribution of language learning strategies to the development of the four language learning skills. It will equip scholars and practitioners with the knowledge to help them better appreciate how language learning strategies contribute to and are linked with language learning processes. The contributing authors share research from their various contexts, which range from primary to tertiary education, and discuss the need for fine-tuned strategy categorization, conscious self-regulation and proposed strategy instruction.

For anyone interested in language learning strategies, whether they be researchers, practitioners or students, this edited volume provides stimulating analyses of theoretical and conceptual issues, insightful perspectives from various learning contexts, and useful implications for promoting learner autonomy. I am confident that this book will further advance our understanding relating to strategic language learning.

Osamu Takeuchi, Kansai University, Japan

These international researcher-teachers bring into focus voices that are rarely heard and deserve amplification. Powerful examples of learners deploying their unique bi/multilingual and cultural backgrounds to choose LLS when learning new L2/L3s are provided throughout. These contributions help readers expand their understandings of multilingual agency and ways to empower learners.

Martha Nyikos, Indiana University, USA

This excellent publication by international researchers clarifies theoretical concepts of LLS and explores new avenues, such as the affordances of technology in assisting strategy instruction, thereby providing a springboard for future research. Its contribution to the literature in previously under-researched areas is enhanced by practical suggestions that bridge the gap between research and classroom practice.

Pamela Gunning, Concordia University, Canada

Zoe Gavriilidou works at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. Her research interests include language learning strategies, pedagogical lexicography and heritage languages.

Lydia Mitits works at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. Her research interests include language learning strategies, multilingualism and heritage languages.

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Peter Yongqi Gu: Foreword

PART 1: Language Learning Strategies: Where Do We Go from Here?

Chapter 1. Andrew D. Cohen: Language Learner Strategies: A Call for Fine-Tuned Strategy Categorization

Chapter 2. Rebecca L. Oxford: Consciously Keeping Watch: Self-Regulation and Learning Strategies

PART 2: New Pathways to Language Learning Strategy Research

Chapter 3. Milevica Bojović: Speaking Strategies and Speaking Ability in ESP Classrooms in a Higher Education Setting

Chapter 4. Richard LaBontee: Vocabulary Learning Strategy Surveys in Second Language Acquisition: Design, Context and Content

Chapter 5. Višnja Pavičić Takač and Sanja Marinov: Exploring EFL Learners' Paths through Vocabulary Learning Using Narrative Frames

Chapter 6. Thomaϊ Alexiou, Lydia Mitits and James Milton: The Language of the Home in Learning L2 Vocabulary

Chapter 7. Ana Petanjak Dedić and Renata Geld: Strategic Construal of Particle Verbs (PVs) in Croatian Secondary School Learners of English

PART 3: Language Learning Strategies in Context

Chapter 8. Angeliki Psaltou-Joycey: Situating Language Learning Strategy Use and Instruction: The Greek Context

Chapter 9. Iris Papadopoulou, Ifigeneia Machili and Zoe Kantaridou: Task-Specific Strategy Use in Video-Mediated Integrated Writing: The Greek EAP Context

Chapter 10. Zoe Gavriilidou, Irina Tresorukova and Antonios Mylonopoulos: Understanding Language Learning Strategies in Context: The Case of Russian Students Learning Greek as a Foreign Language

Chapter 11. Lydia Mitits, Zoe Gavriilidou and Athina Vrettou: EFL Learning Strategies and Motivational Orientations of Multilingual Learners in Mainstream and Dual-immersion Schools

PART 4: Aspects of Language Learning Strategy Instruction

Chapter 12. Maria Mitsiaki and Anna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis: Morphological Segmentation in Strategy-based Instruction: Towards a Graded Morphological Syllabus of Modern Greek

Chapter 13. Nae-Dong Yang: Promoting Learner Autonomy through Learning Strategy Instruction with College EFL Students

Chapter 14. Vasiliki-Agathi Theodoridou and Anna-Maria Hatzitheodorou: Promoting Learners' Critical Thinking and Developing Reading Strategies through Critical Video-gaming

Chapter 15. Anna-Theodora Veliki and Angeliki Psaltou-Joycey: Using Digital Supportive Feedback for the Strategic Training of Young EFL Learners

Appendix A: VLS Surveys
Appendix B: A Completed and Coded Narrative Frame
Appendix C: Class A Course Syllabus
Appendix D: Class B Course Syllabus
Appendix E: Unit 4 Lesson Plan
Appendix F: Unit 4 Activities and Tasks
Appendix G: Needs Analysis Questionnaire
Appendix H: Sample Diary Entry
Appendix I: Learner Beliefs Questionnaire 
Appendix J: Questionnaire and Vocabulary Tests 
Appendix K: Interactive Material 
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