Second Language Acquisition Collection (Vols. 61-80)

Edited by: David Singleton, Simone E. Pfenninger

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Multilingual Matters
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This series brings together titles dealing with a variety of aspects of language acquisition and processing in situations where a language or languages other than the native language is involved. Second language is therefore interpreted in its broadest possible sense. The volumes included in the series all in their different ways offer, on the one hand, exposition and discussion of empirical findings and, on the other, some degree of theoretical reflection. In this latter connection, no particular theoretical stance is privileged in the series; nor is any relevant perspective - sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, neurolinguistic, etc. - deemed out of place. The set contains volumes 61 to 80 in the series. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

SLA 80 Discontinuity in Second Language Acquisition ISBN 978-1-78309-246-8
SLA 79 The Impact of Self-Concept on Language Learning ISBN 978-1-78309-237-6
SLA 78 Measuring L2 Proficiency ISBN 978-1-78309-228-4
SLA 77 Studies in Second Language Acquisition of Chinese ISBN 978-1-78309-208-6
SLA 76 Willingness to Communicate in the Chinese EFL University Classroom ISBN 978-1-78309-155-3
SLA 75 The Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Competence in a Lingua Franca Context ISBN 978-1-78309-143-0
SLA 74 Sociocultural Theory and L2 Instructional Pragmatics ISBN 978-1-78309-139-3
SLA 73 Multiple Perspectives on the Self in SLA ISBN 978-1-78309-135-5
SLA 72 Capitalizing on Language Learners' Individuality ISBN 978-1-78309-120-1
SLA 71 Language Learning Motivation in Japan ISBN 978-1-78309-050-1
SLA 70 Self and Identity in Adolescent Foreign Language Learning ISBN 978-1-84769-999-2
SLA 69 Linguistic and Cultural Acquisition in a Migrant Community ISBN 978-1-84769-989-3
SLA 68 The Affective Dimension in Second Language Acquisition ISBN 978-1-84769-968-8
SLA 67 The Strategy Factor in Successful Language Learning ISBN 978-1-84769-941-1
SLA 66 Online Communication in a Second Language ISBN 978-1-84769-825-4
SLA 65 Intensive Exposure Experiences in Second Language Learning ISBN 978-1-84769-805-6
SLA 64 Approaching Language Transfer through Text Classification ISBN 978-1-84769-698-4
SLA 63 The Social Construction of Age ISBN 978-1-84769-614-4
SLA 62 Context, Individual Differences and Pragmatic Competence ISBN 978-1-84769-609-0
SLA 61 Comparative Perspectives on Language Acquisition ISBN 978-1-84769-603-8

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