Preparing Teachers to Teach English as an International Language

Edited by: Aya Matsuda

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Multilingual Matters
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This book explores ways to prepare teachers to teach English as an International Language (EIL) and provides theoretically-grounded models for EIL-informed teacher education. The volume includes two chapters that present a theoretical approach and principles in EIL teacher education, followed by a collection of descriptions of field-tested teacher education programs, courses, units in a course, and activities from diverse geographical and institutional contexts, which together demonstrate a variety of possible approaches to preparing teachers to teach EIL. The book helps create a space for the exploration of EIL teacher education that cuts across English as a Lingua Franca, World Englishes and other relevant scholarly communities.

In this important new book on Teaching English as an International Language, Aya Matusuda has brought together a unique collection of more than 30 EIL practitioners and researchers from around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam and elsewhere. The inclusion of a collection of pedagogical ideas in the final chapter makes this an original and welcome contribution to the EIL literature.

Andy Curtis, Anaheim University, USA

This book is timely in that it takes up the challenge of change: it brings together, from the perspectives of World Englishes and English as a Lingua Franca, various innovative proposals for teacher education that seek to take appropriate pedagogic account of the global role of English in today's world.

Barbara Seidlhofer, University of Vienna, Austria

This volume is a significant contribution to the field of EIL and ELT education. Each chapter responds to fill the gap about teaching of EIL that still remains at theoretical level (Matsuda, 2012) in teacher education. Thus, it is clear that this volume achieves its purpose of bridging the theory/practice division and offering both theoretical models and a wide range of sample materials for teacher educators who are interested in adopting or integrating EIL perspectives in their teacher education programs, courses, units, or lessons.

LINGUIST List 29.1646

Aya Matsuda is Associate Professor of English at Arizona State University, USA. She has published widely on World Englishes and language teaching and is the editor of Principles and Practices of Teaching English as an International Language (2012, Multilingual Matters).


Aya Matsuda: Introduction

Part I: Theoretical Frameworks

1. Yasemin Bayyurt and Nicos Sifakis: Foundations of an EIL-aware Teacher Education

2. Seran Dogancay-Aktuna and Joel Hardman: A Framework for Incorporating an English as an International Language Perspective into TESOL Teacher Education

Part II: Teacher Preparation Programs

3. Raúl Alberto Mora and Polina Golovátina-Mora: A New Model for Reflexivity and Advocacy for Master's-level EIL In-service Programs in Colombia: The Notion of "Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages"

4. Seong-Yoon Kang: US-Based Teacher Education Program for "Local" EIL Teachers

Part III: Courses Dedicated to Teaching EIL

5. Nicola Galloway: Global Englishes for Language Teaching: Preparing MSc TESOL Students to Teach in a Globalised World

6. Nobuyuki Hino: Training Graduate Students in Japan to be EIL Teachers

7. Roby Marlina: Practices of Teaching Englishes for International Communication

8. Ali Fuad Selvi: Preparing Teachers to Teach Englishes as an International Language: Reflections from Northern Cyprus

Part IV: EIL-informed Courses on Another ELT Topic

9. Thuy Ngoc Dinh: Preparing Pre-service Teacher for EIL/WE-oriented Materials Development

10. Eduardo H. Diniz de Figueiredo and Aline M. Sanfelici: Addressing Culture from an EIL Perspective in a Teacher Education Course in Brazil

11. Nugrahenny T. Zacharias: Practicing EIL pedagogy in a Microteaching Class

Part V: Independent Units on Teaching EIL

12. Heath Rose: A Global Approach to English Language Teaching: Integrating an International Perspective into a Teaching Methods Course

13. Michele Salles El Kadri, Luciana Cabrini Simões Calvo and Telma Gimenez: English as a Lingua Franca in an Online Teacher Education Program Offered by a State University in Brazil

14. Paola Vettorel and Lucilla Lopriore: WE, EIL, ELF and Awareness of Their Pedagogical Implications in Teacher Education Programs in Italy

Part VI: Lessons, Activities and Tasks for EIL Teacher Preparation

15. Various Contributors: Lessons, Activities and Tasks for EIL Teacher Preparation

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