Equal Rights to the Curriculum: Many Languages, One Message

Author: Eithne Gallagher

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Multilingual Matters
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The parents of second language children are often seen but not heard in schools. This book is unique in addressing the many issues facing parents of children whose first language is different from that of the school classroom.

Drawing on teaching theory, the book provides these parents with a wealth of practical information, guidelines and checklists, enabling them to ask schools intelligent and challenging questions to test whether their children's linguistic diversity is really being properly catered for.

The theory review and best practice guidelines should be of value also to teacher trainers, teachers, administrators and policy makers. They provide an accurate analysis of important issues together with pragmatic pointers towards improving educational practice so that all children growing up in a school's multicultural society will be guaranteed what they deserve: Equal Rights to the Curriculum.

Gallagher's practical and readable book can be seen as a tool for parents and educators who are directly affected, as we all are, by the hegemony of the English language. Gallagher does a thorough and admirable job of exploring the relationship between language and power in international schools and providing clear solutions and explanations for parents and educators who understand the value and ethical responsibility of creating schools where multilingualism and multiculturalism are not simply respected but promoted.

Andrea Sterzuk in Teachers College Record Nov 2008

This is a powerful and accessible book about international education which should be read by parents of ESL and bilingual children, as well as by all teachers and administrators. As well as raising awareness of issues that should be addressed, there is a wealth of clear practical tips included in the book, both for parents and for teachers, that will enable them to provide the best supportive environment for the flourishing of an international education. It is highly recommended as an essential read to all those who want the best from an international education for all students.

Carol Inugai Dixon in the International Schools Magazine Autumn 2008

I enjoyed reading this book enormously. The book is challenging and the author's approach is novel but it is extremely readable and there is a wealth of research-based sources to give strong theoretical background to her arguments. There is also an enormous amount of practical and usable advice for parents, students, teachers and school leaders. I have reason to believe that teachers will love the book! The levels of passion and commitment are engaging and bring the author's propositions very much to life. I believe it is worthy of becoming one of the most fundamental and influential contributions to the field of SLA in the International Schools in many years.

Terry Haywood, Head, International School of Milan.

The author makes the intellectual, moral and practical argument for changing our thinking about the obligation we undertake when we enrol second language children in our schools, and provides many innovative and practical ways in which to carry it through into classroom lessons. Putting the author's knowledge and experience into book form will make her accumulated wisdom that much more accessible and far-reaching.

This highly original book is written by an expert and experienced teacher who has considerable insight and inner understanding of classrooms and schools. It will spread best practice and increase school effectiveness in policy, provision and practice.

Professor Colin Baker, Bangor University, Wales.

Although written with the international school market in mind, this book combines theory and practice to interest and inform anyone working with ESL students. Gallagher looks at Additive Bi-lingualism and shows how schools can embrace it to bring change, improvement and innovation.

Ros Pegg, Head of Student Support, Clevedon School, North Somerset

Eithne Gallagher is recognised as an authority in the field of ESL in International Education. She has worked in International Education for over twenty years and has taught English as a foreign language, French as a foreign language and ESL at both primary and secondary levels. Presently Eithne works as an ESL teacher in the Elementary department of Marymount International School Rome. She has been chair of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) ESL & Mother-tongue committee, is a regular presenter at International School conferences and has delivered workshops and lectures for teachers and administrators across Europe. Her writings on ESL & Mother-tongue issues have been published in the International Schools Journal and Magazine. Eithne is the mother of three bilingual children and lives with her family on a hilltop outside Rome.


Foreword by Jim Cummins


Chapter 1. Hidden and Overt Power Structures in International Schools

Chapter 2. Research, Theory and Good Practice

Chapter 3. Third Culture Children

Chapter 4. ESL Parents - Seen But Not Heard

Chapter 5. Promoting Other Languages

Chapter 6. Choosing an Effective International School for Your Child



Further Reading

Appendix 1 - An Internationalism Audit


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