Dyslexia: A Parents' and Teachers' Guide

Author: Trevor Payne, Elizabeth Turner

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This text is intended to be a handy, practical guide to the educational difficulties encountered by children experiencing specific learning difficulties (dyslexia). It is aimed at parents of dyslexic children and non-specialist teachers who have these children in their classes.

This book should be in the Special Needs Section of every school's staff reference books and should be freely available for parents whose children are experiencing learning difficulties. Written by two experienced practitioners in this field, it gives a clear step by step guide to the various aspects of special needs and follows the route through the Statement of Educational Needs procedures. It is clearly written in a very readable format and it is easy to find a particular area for further information. I thoroughly recommend this book.

Trevor Payne is a Senior Education Officer with responsibility for special education in the new Welsh county of Flintshire. Trained as an Educational Psychologist, he has spent virtually his whole career in special education, working extensively with dyslexic children in primary and secondary schools. He lives with his wife and family in a small North Wales village.

Elizabeth Turner is the Specialist Teacher in charge of the Dyslexia Resource at Hawarden High School in Flintshire. She is the County Training Provider on Dyslexia and has extensive 'hands on' experience of teaching pupils with specific learning difficulties at both primary and secondary levels. Originally from Wales she now lives in England with her husband and two grown up children, both of whom are successful dyslexics.

1 Introduction

2 Reading

3 Spelling

4 Handwriting

5 Writing

6 Numeracy

7 Dyslexia Across the Curriculum

8 The Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs

9 Children with Statements

10 Provision for Dyslexic Children

A Final Word

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