Critical Pedagogy: Political Approaches to Languages and Intercultural Communication

Author: Alison Phipps, Maria Manuela Guilherme

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Multilingual Matters
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Teaching and Learning Languages and Intercultural Communication is not a neutral enterprise. Critical Pedagogy, as a movement and an intellectual field, engages with the political and ideological questions raised in educational practices. In this book the respective fields of languages, intercultural communication and critical pedagogy are brought into dialogue, dissent and reflection.

Alison Phipps is senior lecturer and Director of the Graduate School for Arts and Humanities at the University of Glasgow, where she teaches anthropology and languages. Her books include Acting Identities (2000), and Contemporary German Cultural Studies (2002). She is associate editor of the journal Tourism and Cultural Change.

Manuela Guilherme is a researcher at the Centro de Estudos Sociais, Universidade de Coimbra, where she co-ordinates international and national projects in the area of Intercultural Education and teaches seminars at postgraduate level. She has recently published Critical Citizens for an Intercultural World with Multilingual Matters.

Introduction Alison Phipps and Manuela Guilherme

1.Betraying the Intellectual Tradition: Public Intellectuals and the Crisis of Youth H. Giroux, (Penn State University)

2.Academic Literacy in Post-colonial Times: Hegemonic Norms and Transcultural Possibilities J. Turner (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

3.Articulating Contact in the Classroom: Toward a Constitutive Focus of Critical Pedagogy Keith E. Nainby (Hartnell College, San Jose), John T. Warren and Christopher Bollinger (Bowling Green State University)

4.Listen to the Voices of Foreign Language Student Teachers: Implications for Foreign Language Educators Rosario Diaz-Greenberg (California State University San Marcos) and Ann Nevin (Arizona State University West, Phoenix)

Postgraduate, Research / Professional
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