Second Language Acquisition Collection 3 (Vols 41-60)

Edited by: David Singleton, Simone E. Pfenninger

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Multilingual Matters
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This series brings together titles dealing with a variety of aspects of language acquisition and processing in situations where a language or languages other than the native language is involved. Second language is therefore interpreted in its broadest possible sense. The volumes included in the series all in their different ways offer, on the one hand, exposition and discussion of empirical findings and, on the other, some degree of theoretical reflection. In this latter connection, no particular theoretical stance is privileged in the series; nor is any relevant perspective - sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, neurolinguistic, etc. - deemed out of place. The collection contains the third 20 volumes in the series. This collection is available by special order only. Please email for order queries.

SLA 41 Content and Language Integrated Learning 978-1-84769-166-8
SLA 42 Implicit and Explicit Knowledge in Second Language Learning, Testing and Teaching 978-1-84769-175-0
SLA 43 Writing in Foreign Language Contexts 978-1-84769-184-2
SLA 44 First Language Use in Second and Foreign Language Learning 978-1-84769-196-5
SLA 45 Measuring Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition 978-1-84769-208-5
SLA 46 Lexical Inferencing in a First and Second Language 978-1-84769-223-8
SLA 47 The Sociolinguistic Competence of Immersion Students 978-1-84769-239-9
SLA 48 Neurolinguistic and Psycholinguistic Perspectives on SLA 978-1-84769-241-2
SLA 49 Strategic Language Learning 978-1-84769-244-3
SLA 50 Linguistic Relativity in SLA 978-1-84769-277-1
SLA 51 Dyslexia in the Foreign Language Classroom 978-1-84769-280-1
SLA 52 Insights into Non-native Vocabulary Teaching and Learning 978-1-84769-289-4
SLA 53 Being and Becoming a Speaker of Japanese 978-1-84769-361-7
SLA 54 Identity, Motivation and Autonomy in Language Learning 978-1-84769-373-0
SLA 55 The Acquisition of L2 Phonology 978-1-84769-375-4
SLA 56 L2 Interactional Competence and Development 978-1-84769-406-5
SLA 57 Speaking and Instructed Foreign Language Acquisition 978-1-84769-411-9
SLA 58 Lexical Errors and Accuracy in Foreign Language Writing 978-1-84769-417-1
SLA 59 Individual Learner Differences in SLA 978-1-84769-434-8
SLA 60 New Trends in Crosslinguistic Influence and Multilingualism Research 978-1-84769-442-3

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