Service Encounters in Tourism, Events and Hospitality: Staff Perspectives

Author: Miriam Firth

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This book offers insights into the demands made on staff in service encounters in tourism, events and hospitality roles. Using data from research completed in these industries, it hinges upon storied incidents offered by workers about which the reader can reflect and apply theoretical knowledge. A key feature of this volume is that it focuses on staff perspectives and perceptions of service encounters and delivery rather than on customer or management perspectives. This will provide students, lecturers, management and customers with fresh and clear understandings of the demands made on staff, but also the perspectives from which the demands are seen. The chapters clarify to students how to apply academic knowledge within customer service contexts and include learning objectives, questions and summaries.

I really enjoyed Service Encounters in Tourism, Events and Hospitality. The big point of difference of this book is how it addresses the employee-customer interface from the employee perspective. Firth skilfully takes readers on a journey to 'walk in the shoes' of service employees, providing vital insights for leaders.

David Solnet, The University of Queensland, Australia

For students of tourism, hospitality and events, and those teaching them, Miriam Firth's book offers refreshing and original insights into the all-important service encounter. Based on her original research, the text critically explores the staff dimension of customer service. In doing so, this engagingly written book cleverly combines theory and practice.

Fiona Jordan, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

It is not often that I get really excited when I read a new textbook in the field of tourism, events and hospitality but Miriam Firth's fabulous exploration of the service encounter from an employee perspective in this volume brought a smile to my face.

Tom Baum, University of Strathclyde, UK

This book serves as a timely collective resource deliberating on this slightly neglected arena of service encounters from the delivery personnel's perspective [...] The book is certainly the first step to digging into more
profound methodological developments for this under-investigated field.

Journal of Qualitative Research in Tourism, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2021,

Miriam Firth is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, UK. Her research interests include vocational education and training, employability, culture and event sustainability.


Chapter 1. What are Customer Service Encounters?        

Chapter 2. Staff to Staff Support for Service Encounters 

Chapter 3. Soft Skills in Service Encounters          

Chapter 4. Emotional Labour

Chapter 5. Aesthetic and Sexualised Labour

Chapter 6. Intercultural Sensitivity           

Chapter 7. Co-production and Co-creation           

Chapter 8. Legal Frameworks

Chapter 9. Using Humour in Customer Service Encounters            

Chapter 10. Management of Service Encounters in Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management

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