Tourism and Indigeneity in the Arctic

Edited by: Arvid Viken, Dieter K. Müller

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This is the first book to exclusively address tourism and indigenous peoples in the circumpolar North. It examines how tourism in indigenous communities is influenced by academic and political discourses, and how these communities are influenced by tourism. The volume focuses on the ambivalence relating to tourism as a modern force within ethnic groups who are concerned with maintaining indigenous roots and traditional practices. It seeks to challenge stereotypical understandings of indigenousness and indigeneity and considers conflicting imaginaries of the Arctic and Arctic indigenous tourism. The book contains case studies from Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia and will be of interest to postgraduate students and researchers of tourism, geography, sociology, cultural studies and anthropology. 

The roles of indigenous peoples in tourism are complex, dynamic and politically sensitive all of which contribute to their worthiness as well as their challenge as subjects of academic discourse. Viken and Müller have done a masterful job of meeting these challenges in their edited volume Tourism and Indigeneity in the Arctic – a "must-read" for tourism students, stakeholders and scholars.

Tom Hinch, University of Alberta, Canada

The topic of Indigenous Tourism in the North has been covered by numerous authors often familiar with the topic but unfamiliar with the region. Written by researchers familiar with the issues of Indigeneity and rurality in the North, this book provides a refreshing perspective on Indigenous Tourism occurring in the Arctic regions.

Harvey Lemelin, Lakehead University, Canada

This refreshing book offers a highly valuable contribution to the existing literature on indigenous tourism with specific focus on the Circumpolar North. Tourism and Indigeneity in the Arctic is a timely and important collection and a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the relationships and encounters between tourism and indigenous people.

Jarkko Saarinen, University of Oulu, Finland

Arvid Viken is Professor in Tourism, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway. His research interests include destination development, indigenous tourism, tourism and community interaction.

Dieter K. Müller is Professor in Social and Economic Geography, Umeå University, Sweden. His research interests focus on issues related to tourism and local and regional development in rural and peripheral areas in northern environments.



Part I: Conceptualizing Arctic Indigeneity and Tourism

1. Dieter K. Müller and Arvid Viken: Indigenous Tourism in the Arctic

2. Arvid Viken and Dieter K. Müller: Indigeneity and Indigenous Tourism

3. E. Carina H. Keskitalo: Images of the Northern and "Arctic" In Tourism and Regional Literature

4. Britt Kramvig: Orientalism or Cultural Encounters? Tourism Assembling Culture, Capital and Identity

Part II: Arctic Contestations; Resourcification of Indigenous Landscapes

5. Dieter K. Müller and Fredrik Hoppstadius: Sami Tourism At The Crossroad: Globalization As Challenge For Business, Environment And Culture In Swedish Sápmi

6. Yulian Konstantinov: Tourist Hegemonies of Outside Powers: The Case of Salmon-Fishing Safari-Camps in Territories of Traditional Land-Use (Kola Peninsula)

7. Albina Pashkevich: Empowering Whom? Politics and Realities of Indigenous Tourism Development in the Russian Arctic

8. Seija Tuulentie: Destination Development In The Middle Of the Sápmi: Whose Voice Is Heard and How?

9. Karina M. Smed: Culture in Nature - Exploring the Role of 'Culture' In the Destination of Ilulissat, Greenland

Part III: Touristification of the Arctic – Indigenous Wrapping

10. John S. Hull, Suzanne De La Barre and Patrick T. Maher: Peripheral Geographies Of Creativity: The Case For Indigenous Tourism And Community Economic Development In The Western Canadian Arctic

11. Vladislava Vladimirova:  "Sport and Folklore": Festivals as Sites of Indigenous Cultural Revitalization in Russia

12. Gro B. Ween and Åge Riseth: Indigenous Hospitality and Tourism: Past Trajectories and New Beginnings

Part IV: Tourism Negotiating Sami Traditions

13. Kjell Olsen: What Does The Sieidi Do? Tourism as a Part of a Continued Tradition?

14. Trude Fonneland: Indigenous Spirituality and the Staging of Sami Culture in Northern Scandinavia

15. Gaute Svensson and Arvid Viken: Tourism, Nomadism and the Sami Verdde Nexus

Part V: Epilogue

16. Dieter K. Müller and Arvid Viken: Towards a De-Essentializing of Indigenous Tourism?

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