Profiles of Dual Language Education in the 21st Century

Edited by: M. Beatriz Arias, Molly Fee

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In the last 20 years dual language education programs have increased in number and expanded in range. Whereas once they were predominantly focused at the elementary level, they now span from pre-K through to high school. This book examines the key attributes of successful dual language programs, as well as the challenges and opportunities involved in extending the dual language instructional model to pre-K and secondary settings. Chapter authors, who are themselves both researchers and practitioners, explore the latest research and policy implications for implementation of dual language in three different contexts; within a school, a dual language school and a dual language district. This book will be of interest to teachers, teacher educators, professional development specialists, policymakers, administrators, and researchers.

Until now, very little attention has been devoted to the processes within programs that deliver dual language instruction. Aligned with new scientific foundations indicating the positive merits related to dual language learning, this timely volume provides the bridge to the new realities of providing the most positive schooling experience at the most critical time for DLLs/ELLs.

Eugene Garcia, Arizona State University, USA

This book is a solid 'best practice share' from some of our most committed colleagues in the field. An essential and relevant resource that provides insight into how we can meet the challenges of program implementation and sustainability. Whether launching or strengthening your program, it is a must-read for our dual language community.

David Rogers, Dual Language Education of New Mexico, USA

M. Beatriz Arias is a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC. Her scholarly interests center on educational language policy and programs for emergent bilinguals/English language learners. 

Molly Fee is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at UCLA. Her research interests focus on refugee resettlement, international migration, political sociology, and language policy.

Beatriz Arias: Preface: Profiles of Dual Language Education in the 21st Century

Terrence Wiley: Introduction: The Re-emergence of Bilingual Education as Dual Language Education  

Section I:  Dual Language Programs

Chapter 1. Beatriz Arias and Amy Markos: 20 Years of DLE: Recent Research on the Three Goals of Dual Language Education

Chapter 2. Igone Arteagoitia: Legacy Programs: Key Elementary, Arlington, Virginia

Chapter 3. Ofelia García, Kate Menken, Patricia Velasco and Sara Vogel: Dual Language Bilingual Education in NYC: A Potential Unfulfilled?

Chapter 4. Wilma Valero & Patricia Makishima: Elgin, Illinois: An Entire District Goes Dual: The Journey of a District Committed to Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Instruction

Section II: Implementing Dual Language: Programmatic Issues

Chapter 5. Kathryn Lindholm-Leary: Implications of Research for Dual Language at the Early Childhood Level

Chapter 6. Carol Bearse, Ester de Jong and Min-Chuan Tsai: Opportunities and Dilemmas for TWI Programs at the Secondary Level

Chapter 7. Barbara Kennedy: Teacher Preparation for Dual Language Classrooms

Chapter 8. Donna Christian: Making Space for Dual Language Education: The Role of Policy

Fred Genesee: Conclusion: Taking Stock: Lessons On Dual Language Education

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