Crosslinguistic Influence and Distinctive Patterns of Language Learning: Findings and Insights from a Learner Corpus

Edited by: Anne Golden, Scott Jarvis, Kari Tenfjord

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This book details patterns of language use that can be found in the writing of adult immigrant learners of Norwegian as a second language (L2). Each study draws its data from a single corpus of texts written for a proficiency test of L2 Norwegian by learners representing 10 different first language (L1) backgrounds. The participants of the study are immigrants to Norway and the book deals with the varying levels and types of language difficulties faced by such learners from differing backgrounds. The studies examine the learners' use of Norwegian in relation to the morphological, syntactic, lexical, semantic and pragmatic patterns they produce in their essays. Nearly all the studies in the book rely on analytical methods specifically designed to isolate the effects of the learners' L1s on their use of L2 Norwegian, and every chapter highlights patterns that distinguish different L1 groups from one another.

This edited volume brings together findings from the 'ASKeladden – A corpus-based approach to L1 transfer in Norwegian learner language' project. It will be of great value to researchers and practitioners interested in how learner corpus data can contribute to the theory and practice of second language acquisition. It is also unique in being grounded in Jarvis's (2000) methodological framework for the study of transfer.

Magali Paquot, FNRS - Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

This volume is essential reading for anyone interested in the complex problem of language transfer. Especially praiseworthy is the coverage of problems encountered by speakers of highly diverse languages such as Polish, Somali, and Vietnamese in their efforts to acquire Norwegian. The collection also seems exemplary in showing how methods in corpus linguistics can be used to study crosslinguistic influence.

Terence Odlin, Ohio State University, USA

This excellent collection shows how crosslinguistic influence research can be theoretically interesting and methodologically challenging. The level of mastery is superb, and the result is a strong volume which contains a number of perceptive insights for the reader to reflect upon. A must-read for anyone interested in crosslinguistic influence research, Norwegian and quantitative research methods.

Gessica De Angelis, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

A particular strong point of the volume is its involvement of a wide variety of L1s...and its richness in data and linguistic subsystems covered for L2 Norwegian, which leads to a fine-grained view of transfer for this target language. In addition, findings may eventually be used to inform the development of traching materials, especially for adult (immigrant) learners.

International Journal of Learner Corpus Research Volume 6:1 (2020)

Anne Golden is Professor of Norwegian as a Second Language at the University of Oslo, Norway. Her main research is on literacy in a second language, with a focus on vocabulary and in particular metaphors, studying learners' comprehension, development and practice in and out of school.

Scott Jarvis is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Utah, USA. His areas of research include crosslinguistic influence and lexical diversity. He is the co-editor (with Scott Crossley) of Approaching Language Transfer through Text Classification (2012).

Kari Tenfjord is Professor of Norwegian as a second language at the University of Bergen, Norway. Her research focuses on the development and use of Norwegian as a second language with an emphasis on the acquisition of tense. 

Kari Tenfjord (University of Bergen), Anne Golden (University of Oslo) and Scott Jarvis (Ohio University): Preface

1. Kari Tenfjord (University of Bergen), Scott Jarvis (Ohio University) and Anne Golden (University of Oslo): Introduction

2. Scott Jarvis (Ohio University): Transfer: An Overview with an Expanded Scope

3. Ann-Kristin Helland Gujord (University of Bergen): The "Perfect Candidate" for Transfer: A Discussion of L1 Influence in L2 Acquisition of Tense-Aspect Morphology

4. Oliwia Szymańska (SWPS Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities): On how Polish Learners of Norwegian Render Spatial Prepositions in L2: A Corpus-Based Study of i and på

5. Marta Olga Janik (SWPS Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities): Positive and Negative Transfer in the L2 Adjective Inflection of English, German and Polish Speaking Learners of L2 Norwegian

6. Silje Ragnhildstveit (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences): Gender Assignment and L1 Transfer in Norwegian Second Language Learners' Written Performance

7. Kari Tenfjord (University of Bergen) and Torodd Kinn (University of Bergen): Stranded or Lost? Preposition Stranding in Norwegian Learner Languages

8. Anne Golden (University of Oslo): Emotions Negotiated in L2 Texts: A Corpus Study of Written Production by Adult Learners on a Norwegian Test

9. Anne Golden (University of Oslo), Lars Anders Kulbrandstad (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences) and Kari Tenfjord (University of Bergen): Evaluation of Texts in Tests: Or, Where is the Dog Buried?

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