Duoethnography in English Language Teaching Research, Reflection and Classroom Application Edited by: Robert J. Lowe, Luke Lawrence

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05 Feb 2020
New Perspectives on Language and Education
Multilingual Matters
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This book sets out duoethnography as a method of research, reflective practice and as a pedagogical approach in English Language Teaching (ELT). The book provides an introduction to the history of duoethnography and lays out its theoretical foundations. The chapters then address duoethnography as a research method which can be used to explore critical and personal issues among ELT teachers, discuss how duoethnography as a reflective practice can aid teachers in understanding themselves, their colleagues or their context, and demonstrate how duoethnography can be used as a pedagogical tool in ELT classrooms. The chapters are a range of duoethnographies from established and emerging researchers and teachers, which explore the interplay between cultural discourses and life histories with a focus on ELT in Japan.


Lowe and Lawrence have curated a fabulous collection of duoethnographies. The book is informative, readable, and very useful – for both researchers and teachers. This theoretically and methodologically complex and challenging area of research, reflection and pedagogy is narrated in an accessible, composed style. The book serves as an authoritative and convincing introduction to duoethnography in applied linguistics and ELT.

- Gary Barkhuizen, University of Auckland, New Zealand

This is an important addition to our understanding of how duoethnographies relate to the cultural and discursive contexts of language. The book articulates pedagogical implications of duoethnography for language development and is an expertly crafted collection of voices, narratives, and reflections. It provides an excellent touchstone for a reflective exploration of the values of dialogue and difference.

- Steve Mann, University of Warwick, UK

This collection of chapters is a timely and important contribution to the growing field of duoethnography. Meticulously researched and compellingly written, it is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand what duoethnography is, how it can be related to reflective practice, and how it can be applied to the classroom.

- Diane Hawley Nagatomo, Ochanomizu University, Japan

Author Biography:

Robert J. Lowe is a Lecturer in the Department of English Communication, Tokyo Kasei University, Japan. His research interests include native-speakerism, critical applied linguistics and qualitative research methodology.

Luke Lawrence is a Lecturer in the Department of Social Psychology, Toyo University, Japan. His research interests include native-speakerism, group dynamics and teacher identity.

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Postgraduate, Research / Professional

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