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Qualitative Methods in Tourism Research Theory and Practice

Edited by: Wendy Hillman, Kylie Radel | Paperback | 9781845416393

This volume seeks to expose and illustrate new approaches and thinking in qualitative methods that are being developed and implemented in tourism research. The contributions bring together various qualitative methods and approaches while also providing suggestions for the juxtaposition of qualitative and quantitative methods in mixed methods research.…

Tourism Ethics

Author: David A. Fennell | Paperback | 9781845416348

This book remains the most in-depth large-scale introductory text on ethics as applied to tourism, examining the deep theoretical aspects of how human nature applies to tourism. It explores theory from a number of different disciplines, provides an overview of work on moral reasoning and development, and weaves together theory with real-world tourism ethics problems and issues.…

Tourism and Resilience Individual, Organisational and Destination Perspectives

Author: C. Michael Hall, Girish Prayag, Alberto Amore | Paperback | 9781845416294

This book is the first authored overview of resilience in tourism and its relationship to the broader resilience literature. The volume takes a multi-scaled approach to examine resilience at the individual, organisation and destination levels, and with respect to the wider tourism system.…

Heritage, Screen and Literary Tourism

Author: Sheela Agarwal, Gareth Shaw | Paperback | 9781845416232

This book examines the main issues and concepts relating to heritage, screen and literary tourism (HSLT) and provides a comprehensive understanding and evaluation of these three forms of tourism in the context of global tourism development. It analyses the demand and supply of HSLT within the frameworks provided by service-dominant logic and value creation to enable a critical perspective on how HSLT tourist experiences are created, pr…

Quantitative Methods in Tourism A Handbook

Author: Rodolfo Baggio, Jane Klobas | Paperback | 9781845416188

In this revised second edition, Baggio and Klobas build upon the work of their previous volume, offering a presentation of quantitative research methods for tourism researchers. This accessible and rigorous guide goes beyond the approaches usually covered in introductory textbooks on quantitative methods to consider useful techniques for statistical inquiry into tourism matters of all but the most econometrically complex kind.…

Tourism in the Arab World An Industry Perspective

Edited by: Hamed Almuhrzi, Hafidh Alriyami, Noel Scott | Hardback | 9781845416140

This book is the first to explore Arabic tourism from a business viewpoint, rather than taking a sociological, anthropological or political stance. It focuses on business planning, management and marketing destinations in the Arab World, which are topics crucial for industry stakeholders and which have previously been neglected in the tourism literature.…

Tourism and Indigeneity in the Arctic

Edited by: Arvid Viken, Dieter K. Müller | Hardback | 9781845416096

This is the first book to exclusively address tourism and indigenous peoples in the circumpolar North. It examines how tourism in indigenous communities is influenced by academic and political discourses, and how these communities are influenced by tourism.…

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