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Sustainable Tourism Principles, Contexts and Practices

Author: David A. Fennell, Chris Cooper | Paperback | 9781845417659

This new textbook provides a comprehensive overview of sustainable tourism framed around the UN’s sustainable development goals. It examines the origins and dimensions of sustainable tourism and offers a detailed account of sustainable initiatives and management across destinations, the tourism industry, public sector and leading a…

Service Encounters in Tourism, Events and Hospitality Staff Perspectives

Author: Miriam Firth | Paperback | 9781845417260

This book offers insights into the demands made on staff in service encounters in tourism, events and hospitality roles. Using data from research completed in these industries, it hinges upon storied incidents offered by workers about which the reader can reflect and apply theoretical knowledge.…

Modelling and Simulations for Tourism and Hospitality An Introduction

Author: Jacopo A. Baggio, Rodolfo Baggio | Paperback | 9781845417413

This book aims to shed light on the use of various modelling tools and simulation techniques in the domains of tourism and hospitality. It offers an essential introduction to the most popular methods used for modelling and simulating systems and phenomena of interest, and an overview of these techniques and methods.…

Tourism Economics and Policy

Author: Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth, Wayne Dwyer | Paperback | 9781845417314

Since the publication of the first edition of this seminal textbook, the tourism economics landscape has undergone many changes. In this concise revised edition, the authors have incorporated new approaches and ideas influencing tourism economics and policy.…

Brexit and Tourism Process, Impacts and Non-Policy

Author: Derek Hall | Paperback | 9781845417116

This book offers a multidisciplinary, holistic appraisal of the implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) for tourism and related mobilities. It attempts to look beyond the short- to medium-term consequences of these processes for both the UK and the EU.…

Contents Tourism and Pop Culture Fandom Transnational Tourist Experiences

Edited by: Takayoshi Yamamura, Philip Seaton | Paperback | 9781845417215

This is the first book to apply the concept of ‘contents tourism’ in a global context and to establish an international and interdisciplinary framework for contents tourism research. The term ‘contents tourism’ gained official recognition in Japan when it was defined by the Japanese government in 2005, and it has …

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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Language Teaching

We recently published The Emotional Rollercoaster of Language Teaching edited by Christina Gkonou, Jean-Marc Dewaele and Jim King. In this post Christina explains how she became interested in this area of research and what the book aims to do. Emotions are at the heart of all human behaviour, and teaching and learning are no exception … Continue reading The Emotional Rollercoaster of Language Teaching

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