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  • Cover image for Teaching Languages Online (2nd Edition)
  • Cover image for Emerging Self-Identities and Emotion in Foreign Language Learning
  • Cover image for Language Learning, Power, Race and Identity
  • Cover image for Developing Interactional Competence in a Japanese Study Abroad Context
  • Cover image for Interactional Categorization and Gatekeeping
  • Cover image for Creative Composition
  • Cover image for Working Memory in Second Language Acquisition and Processing

Teaching Languages Online (2nd Edition)

Author: Carla Meskill, Natasha Anthony | Paperback | 9781783093762

This new edition of Teaching Languages Online supports the professional development of language educators as they teach all or part of their courses online. Containing extensive additions, this revised edition includes new models, illustrations and heuristics to further support research-based conceptualization, creativity and practice.…

Emerging Self-Identities and Emotion in Foreign Language Learning A Narrative-Oriented Approach

Author: Masuko Miyahara | Hardback | 9781783093816

This book uses a narrative-oriented approach to shed light on the processes of identity construction and development among Japanese university students of English. The research highlights the instrumental agency of individuals in responding to and acting upon the social environment, and in developing, maintaining and/or reconstructing their identit…

Language Learning, Power, Race and Identity White Men, Black Language

Author: Liz Johanson Botha | Hardback | 9781783093854

This book investigates the strategies and identities of colonials who have learned the languages of colonised people, using the context of isiXhosa in South Africa. While power in language learning research has traditionally focused on the powerful native speaker and the relatively disempowered learner, this book studies the inverse, where elites a…

Developing Interactional Competence in a Japanese Study Abroad Context

Author: Naoko Taguchi | Paperback | 9781783093717

In the process of second language acquisition, the ability to interact effectively is critical. But what does it mean to be interactively competent? This book addresses this question by presenting research on the development of interactional competence among learners of Japanese as a second language.…

Interactional Categorization and Gatekeeping Institutional Encounters with Otherness

Author: Louise Tranekjær | Hardback | 9781783093670

This book is about categorization processes in native/non-native workplace interaction, within the context of internship interviews between Danish employers and second language speakers who were born abroad. In this volume, which is one of the first books on gatekeeping, Tranekjær seeks to address processes of power and ideology from a convers…

Creative Composition Inspiration and Techniques for Writing Instruction

Edited by: Danita Berg, Lori A. May | Paperback | 9781783093625

For decades theorists have opined that the lines between creative writing and composition need to be lifted, yet little has been written about the pedagogical methods that allow a cohesive approach between the disciplines. This book brings together contemporary authors and well-respected creative writing instructors and theorists to explore ways cr…

Working Memory in Second Language Acquisition and Processing

Edited by: Zhisheng (Edward) Wen, Mailce Borges Mota, Arthur McNeill | Paperback | 9781783093571

This unique volume offers a comprehensive discussion of essential theoretical and methodological issues concerning the pivotal role of working memory in second language learning and processing. The collection opens with a foreword and introductory theoretical chapters written by leading figures in the field of cognitive psychology.…

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Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage conference 2015

Last week I visited Liverpool to attend the TADCH conference jointly hosted by the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham and the Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy, University of Illinois. The conference venue was the main lounge of the famous Adelphi hotel, and the conference dinner was held in an […]

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